We are WEST

Water Energy Systems & Tests

Over 20 years of experience in the field of energy production.

Established WEST – Water Energy Systems & Tests S.r.l. Milan

W.E.S.T. Srl was founded in 2001 following the crisis that involved the energy field in the late 90s, recruiting and grouping professionals from different industrial realities, such as international research laboratories or special departments of some of the main manufacturers of hydraulic machinery and energy producers.


4 members and 10 specialist technicians

  • Performance measurements of hydraulic turbines, pumps and electric generators.
  • Quality Control, Expediting supplies for hydro turbines, generators, BOP, Automation & Control; commissioning, acceptance tests.
  • Evidence of compliance with the requirements of the Transmission and Distribution Networks.
  • Speed and Voltage Reg. Certifications.

First company expansion

W.E.S.T. – Wide Energy Solutions & Tests Terni (Business Unit) with a team of 3 managers and 5 specialist technicians.

  • BT / MT / AT – Electrical measurements, tests, quality control and Expediting
  • Special tests on electrical protections and excitation systems
  • Special tests on electric generators and transformers.
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Expansion in South America

2011 established W.E.S.T. Andes sac Lima – Peru (South America Business Unit). The staff consists of 2 managers plus 3 technicians. The company carries out performance measurements and quality control of hydroelectric turbines and generators. It also deals with the supply of spare parts for hydro turbines and checks on supplies in the Andean territory.

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W.E.S.T. Power

2013 established W.E.S.T. POWER based in Milan (Electric Business Unit). The staff is made up of 3 members and 8 technicians.

Special tests on generators, motors, transformers, electrical protections.


WEST is currently a company engaged in the design, engineering, activations, controls, commissioning, and maintenance of energy plants (mainly hydroelectric) and related consultancy and supply of a wide range of specialist services, such as design and construction of high-quality control systems technology.

WEST is operational in assisting the final customer, consisting of Builders, Managers, Producers and Distributors of Energy, of which the Company knows the real needs and problems. We support the customer starting from the design and engineering phases, up to the final acceptance checks, helping to optimize expectations and essentially acting as a competent “third party”, impartial and balanced, in relation to the quality of services, functionality and safety.


WEST invests around 20% of its annual turnover in research & development. It has developed, among other things, unique in Italy, an advanced technology for measuring the water flow of rivers, based on tracer technology, helping to reduce the margin of error below the 2% threshold.

Equally remarkable and prestigious is West’s knowledge of frequency, power, level and power factor control systems.

In collaboration with privileged partners in various sectors, it intends to expand its fields of activity, adding very promising markets in the energy sector to existing assets in Latin America and Europe, including Asia and Oceania.