Commissioning and commissioning activities

WEST is able to provide high-level specialist support in all phases of construction of a hydroelectric installation and more generally of an energy production plant.

Our integrated service allows a global analysis of the supply and an identification of specific critical issues. All activities are carried out in compliance with the international reference standards such as IEC 60535, IEC 60308 and IEC 61362 etc. with the application of all prescriptions and indications provided for by these Rules.

Factory verification checks at manufactures

Among the activities carried out we mention the dimensional and functional verification of the mechanical and hydraulic components, the functional verification on the command, regulation and control systems. Non-destructive tests. Expediting, verification of supplies and compliance control of the specific acquisition techniques.

Supervision of hydromechanical components

West Hydro technicians have consolidated experience in the execution and supervision of the assembly of both machines and the related regulation and control systems. Site Field Management, subcontractor management, site field coordination.

Plant field documentation updates (As Built).

Commissioning of hydromechanical components

Commissioning, activation and start-up of electrical systems (automation, PLC, MCC), electronic (speed, level and voltage regulators), electro-mechanical (speed regulators, turbine components and accessories), hydraulic (SOD and instrumentation) and hydraulic (CWS) is divided into:

  • Tests of complex systems inherent in generation apparatus.
  • Check installation of signalling, control and alarm instruments.
  • Calibration and calibration of the installed instrumentation
  • Signal interfacing with PLC programmable logic control system.
  • Functional tests of plant auxiliary systems
  • “Dry” tests of the turbine control components
  • Tests of the interception components.
Data acquisition behaviour of the machinery at full capacity and during transient

WEST uses state-of-the-art equipment to monitor the behaviour of the plant during the commissioning phase. All significant values are recorded in order to have evidence of any problems in order to identify the cause to find the most suitable solution. West’s experience in this sector is very wide, covering all types of machinery and all the regulation and automation systems currently in use.

The essential purpose of this activity is the compliance of the system with the mandatory safety and reliability requirements. In this particular sense he takes care of the analysis of transient phenomena.

Optimization of regulation and control parameters

The regulation of a system starts from theoretical principle conditions which must be verified and controlled in the plant and possibly modified according to specific operational needs. This optimization aims to improve the operating conditions, the durability of the hydromechanical components and respect for environmental requirements.

Balancing and alignment of rotating components

The balancing phase of the rotating parts as well as the alignment of the axis line has an essential role both during assembly and following particular events or problems; West’s experience on both vertical and horizontal axis machines is a guarantee of accurate execution and significant benefits for reducing stress on components.

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