Water Energy Systems & Tests

Integrated Specialized Services
for power generation and interconnection plants

WEST offers Integrated Specialized Services for electricity production and interconnection plants. Many years of personal experience WEST, acquired at national and international industry leaders, is the main guarantee of our professionalism, reliability of our products and the quality of our services.

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Solutions and Technologies

W.E.S.T. offers its customers a wide range of services and solutions. All activities are carried out according to high technical and quality standards, oriented towards international “best practice” and on the basis of current standards and technical prescriptions or project specifications. The services provided make use of a precious and dynamic patrimony of experiences and skills with a high level of specialization, continuously updated.

Synergies with other associated companies allow an expansion of the services offered with integrated and innovative solutions, customized to specific customer needs. The distribution of resources, articulated on the national territory, favors maximum approach to the customer and the rapidity of response times. The operating mechanisms that regulate the organizational functioning on the territory are articulated in accordance with a tested and reliable internal procedural system, such as to ensure the excellence of the services and maximum customer satisfaction.


W.E.S.T. has more than 20 years of experience in the field of energy production. Our technicians have a high specialization and consolidated experience for electricity production and interconnection plants.


The staff has high-tech equipment and equipment, fixed equipped laboratories and field equipment for on-site checks and tests.


ISO 9001 / UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 Certification – Provision of services for: diagnostic analysis, commissioning, calibration and testing of electricity production plants.

The strength of W.E.S.T. group

WEST Hydro

Specialized in hydroelectric machinery and fluid machines in general, it is able to support customers from the design phase to the final tests, going through the control stages in the workshop, assembly supervision and commissioning. The experience combined with cutting-edge equipment always allows us to provide a service at the highest level

WEST Power

The very high professionalism and experience oriented towards “troubleshooting” are the peculiar characteristics of the company specialized in both static and rotating electrical machinery. The trust of the major utilities and of the main machinery suppliers at an international level is proof of a quality worldwide recognized.

WEST Andes

The presence on the territory and the proximity to the customer is essential to fully understand their needs in order to always provide an adequate and technically flawless service. This is the philosophy that led to the establishment of a South American branch. The initial commercial presence was structured over time into a real technical support with great experience and professionalism.

IGHEM 2008

W.E.S.T. he is an active member as Vice President of the IGHEM (International Group of Hydraulic Efficiency Measurements).
In October 2008 WEST, anticipating the important environmental issues, organized the IGHEM 2008 conference in Milan.

IGHEM 2008