WEST by your side

Diagnostic and specialist analysis activities

The plants for energy production have the need for durability and reliability, often the need for operation imposes operating methods that were not foreseen at the time of construction of the plant. This machine stress carries a greater risk and is often the cause of failures and critical issues. WEST is equipped to quickly and competently resolve any diagnostic issues.

Commissioning and commissioning activities

WEST is able to provide high-level specialist support in all phases of construction of a hydroelectric installation and more generally of an energy production plant. Our integrated service allows a global analysis of the supply and an identification of specific critical issues.

Testing and performance verification activities

WEST has precision equipment and instrumentation in order to guarantee the accuracy of its measurements and the reliability of the results. The measures carried out comply with the most stringent regulations such as the IEC EN 60041 standard and are managed under ISO EN 9001/2015 quality control.

Specialized support and training activities

As part of the services offered by WEST in the energy sector, we also have engineering, design and technical consultancy for industrial energy production plants as well as drafting specific acquisition techniques. Finally, the didactic activity should be remembered.

WEST in the World

Thanks to its global organization WEST is able to provide specialized services both in Italy and abroad.

All activities are carried out according to high technical and quality standards, oriented towards international "best practice" and on the basis of current standards and technical prescriptions or project specifications.