Supply of hydraulic control units

WEST designs and manufactures new SOD systems or the modernization of the existing hydraulic implementation complexes also for interfacing with new regulation systems. The hydraulic power packs can therefore operate with control pressures higher than 100 bar, as normally happens for new installations, or with the much lower pressures typical of older hydraulic systems for which specific components must be studied.

Engineering supply and installation of LP hydraulic power units

Engineering, construction of low pressure control units with dedicated control actuators to replace existing ones or overhaul and modernization of the same, control of the system response. Supply and installation of connection pipes

Engineering supply and installation of HP hydraulic power units

Realization of hydraulic power units for control systems in hydroelectric plants with pressures above 100 bar based on Moog or Rexroth components. Supply and installation of the related connection pipes

Engineering supply and installation of control units on skid

Hydraulic command and control systems (SOD composed of hydraulic power pack, pressure accumulators, instrumentation and accessories), accumulation and pumping systems (GAP) for the control of the turbine; hydraulic control panels for spherical valves, spindle, throttle and special hydraulic components

Supply and calibration of overspeed safety systems

Hydraulic – mechanical devices for centrifugal (over-speed turbine) and centripetal (under pump speed) protection, with calibration on the test bench and intervention speed certification