Supply of electronic governor and control systems

WEST produces, installs and puts into service governor process and control systems and carries out service interventions on faults/malfunction, on existing governor systems: both electronic and electromechanical

The WEST electronic laboratory is able to develop and test its own products, spare parts and existing systems, through a simulation bench.

The WEST production activity is mainly aimed at digital electronic regulators that can be used for the control of both prime motors (hydraulic or thermal) but also pumps for industrial plants. Among the functions that the systems are able to perform are speed regulation, level regulation, process control, etc.

Engineering supply and installation of speed controllers

WEST designs and manufactures very sophisticated speed (frequency) regulators that comply with the most stringent standards in terms of precision and speed. The system can be implemented on various hardware supports such as Siemens, ABB or on proprietary supports expressly made to enhance performance

Engineering supply and installation of level regulators

WEST has produced and installed numerous level regulators based on extreme ease of construction robustness, operational and management flexibility and ease of use. The systems in fact have an intuitive programming that allows rapid parameterization according to the type of system.

Intelligent flow monitoring and control systems

Turbine flow monitoring and control systems, consisting of a programmable electronic processor with cross-check of the operating parameters and interfaced to a direct measurement of the flow or by measuring a differential pressure on a singularity or by acoustic measurement. To be used for the continuous calculation of the yield, the system must be calibrated with the primary method.

Supply of spare cards for existing electronic governors

Boards are repaired and spare parts are also supplied to systems of the analog type PR80, PR8000, RE100 and ISP. Work is also carried out on EM58e UII70 electromechanical systems. Our control panel manufactured according to CE directives, from the simplest to the most complex, stands out for the accuracy of the execution and the clarity of the schemes.