Specialized support and training activities

As part of the services offered by WEST in the energy sector, we also have engineering, design and technical consultancy for industrial energy production plants as well as drafting specific acquisition techniques. Finally, the didactic activity should be remembered.

Support activities for drafting of calls for tenders
  • preparation of the Technical Specifications and control of the project documentation
  • checking the documentation of the individual Suppliers / Contractors and aligning offers
  • supervision / drafting of the Project Quality Control Plans
  • supervision of manufacturing programs during the Project
  • supervision / drafting of the Technical Specifications and supervision of the Suppliers’ PCQs
  • supervision of test and inspection procedures
Verification of group compliance with the network code

Verification of specific consumption and analysis of the thermal cycle, verification tests of systems in the context of compliance with specific GRTN

Didactic and training activities of the services provided

Realization of training courses for highly specialized activities. Drafting of didactic documentation and post-start training courses.

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