Diagnostic and specialist analysis activities

The plants for energy production have the need for durability and reliability, often the need for operation imposes operating methods that were not foreseen at the time of construction of the plant. This machine stress carries a greater risk and is often the cause of failures and critical issues.

WEST is equipped to quickly and competently resolve any diagnostic issues:

Vibration analysis on supports and axis center-line

Vibration checks of the rotating machinery and analysis of the causes of malfunction.

Relative and absolute vibration measurements with high precision instrumentation; analysis of vibratory modes, identification of the response matrix of the mechanical system. Frequency and correlation analysis between signals.

Dynamic analysis of the hydraulic system and related interactions

Analysis of the pressure pulsations identification of the coherence of the forcing. Rotor / stator interaction; pipeline pressure pulsations, power oscillations and rotation speed. Network interactions.

Fault diagnosis and predictive evaluation of the criticality of the hydromechanical components
  • Evaluation and assessment of the “state” of machinery and plants.
  • Drafting and application of diagnostic and maintenance criteria, aimed at reducing costs and extending the life of the components.
  • Failure analysis, malfunctions and outages, to identify the causes and propose solutions to minimize the consequences for the exercise
Noise Analysis

Environmental checks and controls (acoustic pressure, measured with digital sound level meters) and noise measurements with octave and third octave analysis. Identification of the causes of noise and reverberation phenomena. Support in choosing the appropriate soundproofing based on the measured frequencies.

Analysis and optimization of complex hydraulic systems

Flow rate measurements of channels, pipes and pipes under pressure, with the use of ultrasonic technology systems. Parameterization of production units aimed at managing water flows in complex catchment areas to maximize production.

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