Supply of components and spare parts for hydroelectric plants

WEST produces, installs and puts into service process regulation and control systems, and carries out service interventions on faults, on existing governor systems: both electronic and electromechanical.

The WEST electronic laboratory is able to develop and test its own products, spare parts and existing systems, through a simulation bench.

The WEST production activity is mainly aimed at digital electronic regulators that can be used for the control of both prime motors (hydraulic or thermal) but also pumps for industrial plants. Among the functions that the systems are able to perform are speed regulation, level regulation, process control, etc.

Supply and revision of guide and thrust bearings (combined also)

Supports (in MB, with sliding blocks) and bearings (in white metal with shell or rolling elements); supply of guide and thrust shoes, overhaul / restore of supports with white anti-friction metal coating; supply of combined supports (guide and thrust) also of the type with balancing cylinders; hydraulic pressure and leak tests.

Supply and revision of machine valves (spherical or butterfly valves)

Supply of group shut-off valves, of the spherical or butterfly type; complete overhaul of shut-off valves and related components (sealing rings, servomotors, pins, bushings, etc.); supply and / or overhaul of By-Pass valves (electrically or hydraulically controlled).

Spherical and butterfly valves; complete overhaul, supply of sealing rings and gaskets; BP valve review; hydraulic leak test.

Supply and overhaul of turbine parts

Supply and revision of stator and rotor parts (cover liners, complete distributors (guide vanes, levers, connecting rods, shear pins, ring-feeder, acc.).

Centrifugal over-speed systems.

Toothed wheels for SSG systems for measuring group speed.

Reverse engineering of components, their realization and assembly

Reverse engineering for the determination of the geometries of existing components (Laser traker), dimensional and conformity checks on different types of mechanical parts, measurement automation.